Professor Robert Lusch died Thursday, February 23, 2017 after a long battle with cancer.

Over the last 20 years, Bob’s relationship with me was, variously, educator, mentor, colleague, collaborator and, most importantly, friend. I will miss him dearly. I find comfort, however, by the fond memories I have of working with him and the knowledge that he will live on through his work and through his influence, not only on me, but also on the worldwide community of scholars he was instrumental in creating.

I have received notes of grief and remembrance from many in this community. Below, are some of those:
“…so many wonderful memories of the contributions a preeminent scholar.”
“He was a big influence on many, many people”
“His broad-minded intelligence and novel insights are still present [in the 2014] book as well as in many other writings.”
“We were all highly honored that he had shared his ideas with us.”
“[when I met him] it was immediately clear that he was not just a great scholar with a brilliant mind, but also a warm and generous man. You and he built a community of passionate researchers.”
“Together [the two of] you profoundly changed the marketing research domain and influenced a generation of researchers.”
“He was a great inspiration and a very kind man.”
“No doubt Bob will be remembered by many people all over the world as a great academic, a very generous person always happy to help younger academics, and a true gentleman.”
“He was a bold scholar and practitioner, not afraid of chartering new ground.”
“What sad news. He will be greatly missed.”

Steve Vargo